About Ashmore Plaza

Ashmore Plaza, also known as Ashmore Plaza Shopping Centre, was built in 1979 by John Jenkins on the corner of Cotlew Street and Currumburra Rd, Ashmore, when those 2 roads were still only dirt roads. John Jenkins was told by his brother Don that it would not succeed, but John Jenkins’ vision proved his brother wrong. He brought inhabitants living in remote areas of the Gold Coast the convenience of a centralised shopping centre and took the Gold Coast into the 21st century. It is still a popular place to shop after nearly 4 decades.

It became so popular that busses were chartered to take shoppers from Springbrook, Nerang, Southport and Coomera to Ashmore Plaza. Numerous shoppers from those early days still shop here to this day.

Stage 1 of the development offered 35 shops. One of these original shops was Jack Butler’s ‘‘Jack the Slashers’. Customers were given marker pens to mark the prices on their items as they shopped. Those days honesty and trust were still part of everyday life.
Stage 2 of the development grew to over 50 shops and Jack the Slasher moved to bigger premises and became Food for Less and today it is Woolworths.

A big tourist attraction at the Plaza is the hundreds of rainbow lorikeets that nestle in the trees in the car park at sunset every evening and leave again at daylight next morning. This has been the lorikeet’s ritual every day for over 30 years. It is a beautiful sight, but don’t park under the trees and plug your ears.

Ashmore Plaza has over 50 stores, most of which are owner operated. Friendly and hospitable service, quality and a variety of goods are the fundamentals of each business.

Parking is available for 500 vehicles.

This little piece of Ashmore’s history was written by and given permission to print by Joe Shaw. Joe has been working at Ashmore Plaza as a security officer since 1980.